Does taking flowers on a First Date look desperate?

flowers malvern eastSo, you really like this girl. You have been meaning to ask her out for a while and recently you finally mustered up the courage to do so. Tonight’s the big night. You can’t decide whether you should take flowers for her or not. What if taking flowers makes you look desperate? What if you don’t take flowers? She might end up thinking that you are not as thoughtful. So what to do?

Before you even go further let me tell you that the answer to what you are thinking is a big NO! Do not take flowers for the girl on the first date under any condition. Therefore stop thinking to yourself as to how to find a good florist? Let me tell you why exactly.

Top reasons why bringing flowers on the first date is a bad idea
• Shows desperation: When you take flowers for your date the first time you are going out, from where I see, you might as well beg her to like you. I know I’m being brutal here but trust me it’s for your betterment. Not only does it look needy but may also give out signals that you have a supplicative behavior.
• Moving too fast: You might want to bring flowers for your date to impress her with your thoughtfulness but it’s strange how a woman’s mind works, and I say so being a woman myself. To her, it’s awkward and pushy, as if you are trying to speed things up and force a romance. Spare your date that stress.
• Unrequired gesture: Taking flowers for the girl you have been going out for a while, or sending her some when she’s having a bad day, that’s all right. In fact, it’s great. What’s not so great is taking flowers on a first date. It’s something that’s just not done.

I hope I have convinced you into not taking flowers on a first date because of course, I would want for that first date to go further than just that. But that’s what I believe.

There are many out there who believe that beautiful flowers bouquet is the perfect way to express your feelings for somebody. They insist that the beauty of flowers is such that it can speak more than words can ever say.
Hey don’t curse me, I’m not trying to confuse you further. Just telling you that there are different people out there that have a different approach to the same topic. But honestly, eventually, it’s about how YOU feel.

If you want to take flowers, then do hell with all I said. Just take them. In fact, I’ll suggest that in case you make up your mind too late you can still opt for the service of flower delivery. Malvern has several florists that deliver right to your doorstep. Or you could go to a florist. Flowers Malvern East also has many experienced ones that will make you a beautiful bouquet. But don’t forget to tell them that’s it’s a first date bouquet so they can steer clear of red rose’s type of flowers. Malvern florists have a special fancy for them… Lol!