The best book in the market for Molecular Biology

The Cell and Molecular Biology 8th Edition Gerald Karp, Janet Iwasa is continually the best book in the market. It connects the experiments and key concepts in Cell Biology. The text is classic, and core concepts with experimental detail are explored in considerable depth. The book is written with an inviting style, and assists in the management of numerous details found in the course for Cell Biology. This edition features two new co-authors who expand on the books strengths, integrate and update the media text in a useful way, and improve the students learning experience.

The new co-authors are the University of Florida, Gainesville’s Gerald Karp, and Janet Iwasa of the University of California, San Francisco, Wallace Marshall, and the University of Utah. Janet Iwasa brings expertise in 3D visualization of molecular processes and illustration to help students expand on the texts experimental text, and understand the core concepts. Wallace Marshall serves on the American Society of Cell Biology’s board and has been well published as a researcher in Cell Biology. The skill set and unique credentials of these new co-authors aids in the transformation of this text into a media-rich and modern course solution.

The Cell and Molecular Biology, 8th Edition Gerald Karp, Janet Iwasa integrates experimental videos and approaches throughout the text, and increases the sections focused on Experimental Pathways. The human health relevance has an increased emphasis throughout The Human Perspective sections, and they have been updated and expanded.

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